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Below is a list of DPA's divisions, with links to their homepages, division director emails and biographies, contact information and a list of their internal work units. At the bottom of this page, you will also find additional links to commonly requested information that DPA provides.

Executive Director's Office Contacts

Executive Director's Office

Executive Director: Currently in transition
Deputy Executive Director: Tobin Follenweider

1525 Sherman Street | Denver, CO 80203
Main: 303-866-3000 | Statewide closures/delays: 303-866-5444

Other Contacts

Legislative and Policy Inquiries

If you have a legislative inquiry or are interested in the department's position on existing or proposed public policy, please contact our department's legislative liaison Jack Wylie   at 303-866-3539.

Media Inquiries

If you are a member of the media, please contact our department's Communications Manager Doug Platt   at 303-866-6095.

CORA/Records Requests

DPA is committed to transparency and open government, and complies with the requirements of the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA), § 24-72-201 to 206, C.R.S. The Department shall accept only records requests made in writing or electronically via e-mail. Please review DPA's CORA policy for additional information regarding our office procedures for handling records requests, fees and formats.

Records requests should be directed to the department's CORA liaison:

Jolina Lewis 
1525 Sherman Street | Denver, CO 80203

Division of Capital Assets (DCA)

Division Director — Rick Lee    
1525 Sherman Ave., B-15  |  Denver, CO 80203


Capitol Complex
Rick Lee   — Property Manager, 303-866-4357 

State Fleet Management
Scott Edwards  — Manager, 303-866-5222

Division of Central Services (DCS)

Division Director — Tom Montross   (Montross: bio)
1001 E. 62nd Ave., A-31  |  Denver, CO 80216
Main: 303-866-3970
DCS Communications: Barbara Novak  — Manager


Address Confidentiality Program
Jackie Cash   — Manager

Colorado State Archives
Aly Jabrocki  — State Archivist, 303-866-5687

Integrated Document Solutions (IDS) North, 303-866-4100 — Customer Service Team North  

  • Mike Lincoln  — Colorado State Printer, Northern Regional Manager, 303-866-3874

Integrated Document Solutions (IDS) South, 719-948-0053 — Customer Service Team South   

Division of Human Resources

State Chief Human Resources Officer — Lynne Steketee
1525 Sherman Street  | Denver, CO 80203
Main: 303-866-2171


Brandy Malatesta  — Manager, 303-866-5383

Risk Management
Julie Mileham  — Director, 303-866-4277

Dave Thomas  — Director, 303-866-2519

HR Consulting Services
Clara Woodmansee  — Director, 303-866-2171

Statewide Training & Development
Audrey Valdez  — Training Director

Colorado State Employee Assistance Program (CSEAP)
Janeen Haller-Abernethy  — Director, 303-866-4314

Office of the State Architect

State Architect — Cheri Gerou, FAIA, 303-866-3196
1525 Sherman Street, Suite 112 | Denver, CO 80203

Paula Greenwood — Administrative Assistant, 303-866-3158


State Buildings Program
Tana M. Lane — Manager, 303-866-4316

Real Estate Program
Brandon Ates — Manager, 303-866-5458

Energy Management Program
Rod Vanderwall — Manager, 303-866-6110

Statewide Planning Program
Eric Scholz — Manager, 303-866-5877

Office of the State Controller

State Controller, Robert "Bob" Jaros (Jaros: bio) — 303-866-6200
Deputy State Controller,  Tammy Nelson   — 303-866-6200
Executive Assistant and Office Manager,  Madalena Garcia    — 303-866-6200


Financial Analysis & Reporting
Jeffrey Kahn  — Director, 303-866-2659

Central Payroll Operations,
Tammy Terrell  — Manager, 303-866-3810

Central Management Unit/Vendor Operations
Evan Stathopulos  — Manager, 303-866-3850

State Purchasing & Contracts Office
Sherri Maxwell  — Director, main 303-866-6100

Colorado Operations Resource Engine (CORE)
Kyle Schlenker  — Director, 303-866-6155

Grants Unit (CORE)
Stacey Alles  — Manager, 303-866-4020

Office of Administrative Courts

Chief Judge Matt Azer (Azer: bio)
1525 Sherman Street  |  Denver, CO 80203
Main: 303-866-2000

Statewide Closures

For information on closures or delays in the Denver metro area due to inclement weather or other emergencies, please call our hotline at 303-866-5444. DPA will also post closure/delay information in the News section on its main website. For closures outside the Denver metro area, employees should check with their leadership for operating status. 

Click to call hotline

In addition, DPA notifies local television stations, which list closure information in scrolls on the bottom of the screen starting with the 5 a.m. broadcasts, as well as on their Twitter accounts and websites:

If you have any questions about delays or closures, please contact your department's human resources unit