Executive Director's Office

Logo for DPA executive director's office

There are five internal service units that support the Executive Director's Office for the Department of Personnel & Administration:

To reach the Executive Director's Office, please call 303-866-3000.
To reach the Executive Director's executive assistant, contact Megan Nuss at 303-866-6559.

Long-Range Financial Plan

In accordance with C.R.S. 2-3-209, each state agency is required to submit an annual long-range financial plan to assist in the state agency's preparation of its annual budget request and strategically plan for future contingencies that may impact the agency.

The elements required in the plan include:

  • Statement of an agency's mission
  • Description of an agency's major functions
  • Description of an agency's performance goals
  • Performance evaluation of an agency's major programs with recommendations to improve performance
  • Description of anticipated trends, conditions, or events affecting the agency
  • Description of any programs funded by federal funds or gifts, grants, and donations that may decrease in the future.

The long-range financial plan provides context to the State's strategic financial direction from FY 2019-20 through FY 2023-24. While the long-range financial plans are submitted to the legislature alongside the Governor's FY 2020-21 budget request, the long-range plans are intended as an apolitical administrative resource to support effective planning and resource allocation.


The Department's filings required as part of the SMART Act ( 24-7-202(6), C.R.S.) are part of Colorado State government's ongoing efforts to reduce its regulatory burden on the State.

The Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies has information about DORA's Regulatory Notice and Cost-Benefit Analysis process.


Unused Property

House Bill 21-1274 directs the Department of Personnel & Administration (DPA) to produce and maintain an inventory of State-owned land and buildings to promote affordable housing, child care, public schools, residential mental and behavioral health care, and renewable energy development. Parties interested in leasing or purchasing State-owned property may see the beneficial uses of state property page.