P3 Office

P3 Office

The Public-Private Partnership (P3) Collaboration Unit was created in 2022 through Colorado legislation via Senate Bill 22-130 to plan, design, manage, develop, operate, implement and govern the use of P3 projects for the State of Colorado within the Department of Personnel & Administration.

The P3 Collaboration Unit administers and manages all responsibility for P3 projects to include the creation of program requirements; analysis and approval or denial of the project proposals; documentation of funding and funding alternatives; due diligence requirements; reporting requirements; policies; standard operating procedures; project thresholds; and technical assistance for any approved public projects.

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The initiatives that are designated for the Unit to prioritize for funding through the public-private partnership are:


  1. Increased behavioral health capacity
  2. Affordable housing development

  1. Increased access to child care services
  2. Broadband deployment

The objectives of the P3 project are:

  • Bring innovative thinking and approaches to public projects; 
  • Reduce total life-cycle costs of public projects;
  • Allow for cost, risk, and benefit sharing between public and private partners;
  • Greater partnership between public and private sectors;
  • Greater cost certainty;
  • Improved project life-cycle costs and/or quality of such;
  • Enhanced utilization of State un-utilized or under-utilized properties;
  • Environmental benefits;
  • Improve quality of life for Coloradans;
  • Increase access to housing;
  • Increase access to behavioral and mental health services;
  • Utilization of enhanced technology systems, to include broadband; and
  • Other public purposes and benefits that will arise from the proposed project.

The P3 Collaboration Unit will establish an in-depth stakeholder engagement process as well as reporting requirements for the Economic Development Subcommittee proposal review process. 

For projects that are selected and approved by the Department, the Unit shall determine the utilization of project delivery methods that will include but are not limited to:

  • The development, building, financing, operation, and maintenance of cost effective public projects that provide economic and social value in the community
  • The provision of a well-defined and transparent process to facilitate collaboration between state public entities and private partners while enabling access to private capital
  • The submittal of innovative thinking and approaches to public projects
  • Allow for cost, risk, and benefit sharing between public and private partners.

Burnham Yard Transportation Study

Visit the CDOT webpage for Burnham Yard Transportation Planning Study


The State of Colorado has posted a solicitation to the State’s solicitation website, Colorado VSS. RFP AAAA 2023*0188 Burnham Yard Owner’s Representative was posted to Colorado VSS on December 22, 2022. Proposals are due on Monday, February 6, 2023 at 2:00pm MST. To find the RFP on Colorado VSS:

  1. Go to colorado.gov/vss
  2. On the left side of the page, click a button that says “Public Access.”
  3.  In the Keyword search, type “Burnham Yard” and press ENTER. This RFP should be the only one to appear in the search.
  4. Click on the button that says “Details.”
  5. There is a tab that says “Attachments.” Click on that tab. It will bring you to a section that shows all six attachments associated with the RFP.
  6. Download the attachments.
    Similarly to the “Attachments” tab there is an “Events” Tab which shows all deadlines for potential Offerors. Please note that written Offeror Inquiries are due by Friday, January 10, 2023 Mountain Time (as adjusted for Daylight Savings).

Unsolicited Proposals

Submit your project proposal to:

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Upcoming meeting: Feb. 13, 2023

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