OAC Emergency & Permanent Rulemaking – LEP Individuals

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The general purpose of this emergency rulemaking is to modify 1 CCR 104-3, Rule 21 regarding Procedural Rules for Workers’ Compensation Hearings, specifically for limited English proficient (LEP) Individuals, and bridge the time gap to the promulgation of permanent rules.

The hearing to promulgate permanent rules is scheduled for hearing May 4, 2021 at 9:00 a.m. The permanent rules are tentatively scheduled to take effect July 1, 2021.

The hearing will be held via Zoom webinar.  You must register in advance to attend this webinar hearing. A link to register is included in the Hearing Notice below.

For full information on the Basis & Purpose of the emergency rulemaking click on the Emergency B & P link below.

For full information on the Emergency Justification click on the Emergency Rules Justification link below.

For a copy of the Notice of Permanent Rulemaking Hearing click on the Notice of Hearing link below.

For a copy of the Basis & Purpose for the permanent rulemaking click on the link below.

For a copy of the redlined changes, or a copy of how the proposed rules would read in final form for both the emergency rules and proposed permanent rules, please click on the appropriate links below

Emergency B&P

Emergency Rules Justification

Track Changes Version

Changes Accepted Version


Permanent Rules Basis & Purpose