Beneficial Uses of Unused State Property

House Bill 21-1274 directs the Department of Personnel & Administration (DPA) to produce and maintain an inventory of State-owned land and buildings to promote affordable housing, child care, public schools, residential mental and behavioral health care, and renewable energy development. The bill further authorizes DPA to seek proposals from qualified developers or local government organizations to construct affordable housing, child care facilities, residential mental and behavioral health care facilities, or to place renewable energy facilities on state-owned land that the Department has deemed suitable. Proposals will be reviewed by subject matter experts and those recommended by DPA will be presented to the Governor's Office and the Legislature for approval. State property sales or leases must comply with state fiscal and procurement rules.


Use the GIS application to explore property owned by the State of Colorado. You will be able to filter for vacant properties and buildings. Vacant buildings listed in the GIS map may or may not be available for beneficial use. Please fill out the Unused State Property Form on this page if you are interested in leasing or purchasing State-owned property.

Vacant Facilities GIS Map


Unused Property Form


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