Public Notice to All DPA Vendors & Contractors

On June 30, 2021, Colorado HB21-1110 strengthened Colorado’s laws protecting individuals with disabilities from discrimination. HB21-1110 requires the accessibility of all digital government information and communication technology (ICT).

As of July 1, 2024, all digital resources provided or procured by the Department of Personnel & Administration (DPA) should meet all applicable Level A and AA success criteria of the current non-draft version of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and must, at a minimum, meet all applicable Level A and AA success criteria of WCAG 2.1. This includes all websites, software, and other information and communication technology (ICT) created, provided, managed, or maintained by third-parties (vendors and contractors).

The Basics

  • All vendors must meet Colorado’s statutory compliance requirements no later than July 1, 2024. This means that all information and communication technology (ICT) goods, products, and services must comply with all applicable WCAG 2.1+ Levels A and AA success criteria.
  • Accessibility compliance is not optional and no ICT good, product, or service is exempt.
  • All DPA vendors and contractors are encouraged to submit the following to dpa_accessibility@state.co.us at the earliest opportunity:
    • A PDF copy of the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT), version 2.4+ WCAG, for each ICT good, product, or service OR 
    • A comprehensive report from a certified third-party auditor that includes all success criteria for WCAG 2.1+ for each ICT good, product, or service.

Vendors with Inaccessible Resources

If your product does not fully comply with all applicable criteria in WCAG 2.1+ Levels A and AA, please contact us and provide, at your earliest convenience and no later than April 30, 2024:

  • An accessibility plan that will result in WCAG 2.1+ compliance on or before July 1, 2024. If your scheduled compliance will occur after this date, please include detailed information regarding what accommodations processes are available to individuals who may need assistance.
  • A thorough accounting of your accessibility testing process including method and frequency.




Contacts for Vendors & Contractors

HB21-1110 Compliance and Digital Accessibility Issues

Please reach out to DPA’s IT Accessibility Program (dpa_accessibility@state.co.us) for all inquiries related to vendor compliance.

Contracts and Procurement

  • DPA Contracts: For questions related to DPA contracts and procurement, please contact Sarah Stoner.
  • Statewide Contracts: For information about statewide accounts and/or contracts, please contact the Office of the State Controller, which services vendors and State agencies.
  • General Information: For information on doing business with the State, visit the Office of the State Controller State Purchasing & Contracts Office.

FAQs for Vendors and Contractors

Does this requirement apply to my goods, product, or service?

Yes if the goods, products, or services that you provide are or include information and communication technology (ICT). ICT includes software, websites, telecommunications equipment, and more. For definitions and descriptions, please refer to 8 CCR 1501-11 Technology Accessibility Rules.

I don’t know if my goods, product, or service is accessible. How can I find out?

There are many ways to assess the accessibility of a digital resource. These include automated scans, human-led or manual testing, and third-party evaluations. DPA strongly recommends that all vendors use a combination of automated and human-led testing techniques to audit their ICT.

What does DPA expect from me?

We expect vendors, contractors, and other providers to be active and dedicated partners in our pursuit of digital equity. In addition to the basic requirements outlined herein, vendors are welcome to optionally provide responses to items contained in the Vendor Checklist. Some vendors may be required to provide additional information or engage in additional processes.

What will happen if I can’t make my goods, product, or service accessible?

As a public entity, and in accordance with HB 21-1110 (“Colorado Laws for Persons with Disabilities”) and 8 CCR 1501-11 (“Rules Establishing Technology Accessibility Standards”), we are obliged to ensure that all ICT goods, products, and services meet or exceed accessibility requirements. In the event that a contractor or vendor provides a digital resource that does not fully conform with all applicable accessibility requirements, our goal is to collaboratively agree to a roadmap for achieving full compliance (on or before July 1, 2024). If a contractor or vendor is unable or unwilling to engage in accessibility remediation efforts in order to achieve full compliance, next steps would be informed by our legal obligations, contracts as applicable, and an assessment of resources and operational needs.

Information for Users Experiencing Accessibility Issues

Members of the Public

  • If you are experiencing an accessibility issue with a DPA website that includes "colorado.gov" in the address (URL), please see DPA Accessibility Support for resources, reporting tools, and more.
  • If you are experiencing, or would like to report, an accessibility issue with a DPA-owned or operated digital resource other than a "colorado.gov" website, please complete the DPA Website Support form and use the "something else" reporting options or email dpa_accessibility@state.co.us. We will do our best to help identify who can best address your concerns or needs.

State Employees

Please reach out to a member of the DPA IT Accessibility Program to report or discuss accessibility issues that you’ve encountered with any DPA-owned or DPA-operated digital resource. If you are experiencing issues with resources owned or operated by another state entity, please contact them directly.