1881 Pierce Street Project

Pierce Street Market Assessment, Planning and Xeriscape Landscape Renovation Project

The site encompasses three parcels owned by the State of Colorado and located in Lakewood:

  • 1881 Pierce Street
  • 1901 Reed Street
  • 1725 Reed Street

The total site is approximately 22.94 acres, and all three parcels are zoned Mixed Use – Employment – Suburban (M-E-S) by City of Lakewood. The proposed M-E-S (Mixed Use – Employment – Suburban) district aims to facilitate mixed office, campus, retail, and residential development on the site. 

The goal of the project is to pursue a multi-benefit concept that utilizes underutilized property to address the objectives of the State of Colorado, City of Lakewood, and the surrounding community. The plan involves engaging stakeholders and incorporating their feedback into the design and usage of the site. It aims to provide additional housing within the city while also creating community amenities and engagement spaces.

Sustainability is a key focus, with the integration of water-wise landscape design, waste reduction/recycling programs, green building design, and efficient transportation options. The project also aims to offer community-accessible open spaces by either maintaining existing spaces or creating new ones.

Improving mobility solutions is another important aspect, with a focus on increasing pedestrian and bicycle access and enhancing vehicular transportation. Moreover, the development is expected to contribute to increasing regional economic vitality.